WolfGL News

March 21

Looks like I was lucky to get in the FTP server in my first try, it still has some problems so I've moved the files to the web server.

March 19

I went to Australia on vacation and when I got back my mailbox was full of messages about download problems from the ftp server but I've just tried to download the files and it worked, I'll try again at different times to see if this is really a problem or I was lucky. When I got my pages hosted here the frag.com administrator asked to keep all downloadable files on the ftp server, it would be easier for me to keep everything in the same place but I can't.

February 18

I've been busy with other things and couldn't spend much time working in WolfGL lately but I hope this is going to change now. This update has fixes that were done a few months ago and I can't remember but I've added a console to let you change some parameters of the game. Currently the only variable available is R_ALPHAREF, it controls the alpha test of the sprites so if you're not happy with the way things look, try different settings (from 0.0 to 1.0).

I just got a copy of BeOS 4.5 but I'm having some problems making the game work, I don't know if that's a bug in the compiler but it looks like I'm having some problems reading the data files. I'll give it another try later and see if I can fix the problems.

And I almost forgot, now there's support for the full version of Spear of Destiny ! I only tried to play the first couple of levels and I don't know if everything is working correctly.

November 25

I've been able to compile a version that works with the demo of Spear of Destiny, it's just 2 levels but that means that the full version is coming soon. I still couldn't figure out why some textures do not look very good with my TNT card under Linux, it's probably because it's still the first version of the drivers (I also had problems with glTexSubImage() and with the alpha test), I hope nVidia is going to fix those problems with XFree 4.0.

As I already said, I don't have a 3dfx card so I can't test the game but I believe I was able to fix the status bar problem (I forgot that the maximum texture size is 256 pixels). Some people had problems running the game with 3dfx cards, it would be nice if somebody could write a step by step tutorial to help those.

Here's the complete list of what's new:

Spear of Destiny Demo !
Enabled the MLI cheat code
The game now shows the intro screen
Powerups are now picked correctly
Status bar is now displayed correctly on 3dfx cards (I hope)

I still have to fix shooting routines, it's very easy to hit the enemies. :)

Does anybody know where to find the japanese demo of Wolfenstein ?

November 15

I didn't knew that a lot of people still cares about Wolfenstein, I've received more than 200 emails last week ! I'm still trying to reply to the last ones. As you can see, I've just moved the page to Frag.com, most of the stuff here is still very simple but I'll update everything slowly over the next days.

I found out that the first MS Windows file I uploaded was an old version that I sent to a friend, I have no idea of why it ended going to my page. Anyway, I've uploaded newer versions of both ports plus executables for the registered version of Wolfenstein.

Here are the changes:

Fixed a bug with the secret walls after you die.
The game now works without a sound card (no /dev/dsp). (Linux)
I've fixed the sound thread and now the game runs faster and smoother. (Linux)
Joystick and mouse support. (Windows)
"Read This !" menu option fixed. (Windows)
Full-screen support for 3DFX cards. (Windows)

Known bugs:

When you load a game some secret walls are not displayed.